Analytics and Cognitive Computing

In today’s hyperconnected world, organizations are challenged in more ways than ever to make sense of the volume, velocity, and variety of data. We assist organizations of all sizes to assess the analytics opportunity and define a right sized approach to being the journey to improve your business leveraging analytics.  While analytics platform standardization is a wonderful objective, we find most customers are embracing a multi vendor strategy to support varying end user requirements.  Draca also supports this approach via our Multi-vendor Portal Solution as well as offering professional services for multiple vendors.

IBM's Cognos Analytics Solution Overview

Disrupt or be disrupted. In today’s market, there is so much pressure to innovate. The potential for analytics is tremendous, and growing. Data is everywhere – it’s in our homes, computers, and everyday life and the volumes of data being generated are insurmountable. Instead of leaving this trove of insight untapped, we need to use data to make better decisions, and to get ahead of the competition. To do that, you need to zero in on the right information, and make the right decisions. But how do you know the decision you’re making is the right one?


That’s why companies are turning to IBM. IBM Business Analytics solutions take advantage of the full power of the IBM Analytics portfolio to create the structure to help your unlicensed drivers perform like data scientists, so you can drive your business forward confidently.

Value Proposition


IBM Business Analytics is the only solution that provides you an interactive, guided experience that proactively identifies hidden patterns to let you quickly turn data (structured or unstructured) into unbiased, relevant insight in mere minutes then helps you create intuitive reports and dashboards, based on that data, which you can easily distribute in a managed way throughout the company in accordance to your corporate policy. With automated alerts, IBM Business Analytics allows you to then monitor changes to key findings so you can confidently and quickly take actions and improve your business.


IBM’s Unique Value Proposition

  • Setup for a comprehensive view of your business: Brings insights across all your data sources within and outside your organization to find precise and timely answers

  • Architected for scalable secure and governed analytics: Scale across the enterprise with a spectrum of analytics capabilities from fully administered to do it yourself (governance when needed) to have the confidence and control in your analytics

  • Equipped with built-in intelligence and learning: Contextualized smart search in all your data sources to easily and quickly find what you are looking for without leaving the environment

  • Automated insights: Built-in algorithms and predictive models automatically find relevant insights for you. With automated discovery and analysis, you will never have to know what to ask, reducing the opportunity for bias to influence your results


Issues Solved with Cognos Analytics

  • Investments in multiple point solutions not sharing a common platform increase TCO and IT involvement due to multiple technologies, platforms and skills needed to manage Business Analytics

  • Data stored in multiple sources and systems makes integration more difficult

  • Explore all types of information from all the angles to assess the current business situation

  • Quickly find, leverage and protect relevant data - limited trust in information, stalling progress

  • Communicate and coordinate tasks to engage the right people at the right time

  • Integrate analytics in everyday work and in workflow to inform business processes