Office of Finance

Whether you are the CFO, CAO, Controller or a Financial Analyst, there has never been a more challenging time to be in the finance function.  Our financial practice has been driven by the challenges of merger and acquisition financial integration, addressing regulatory compliance and enabling a flexibly and dynamic Financial Analytics Solution.  Some common ways we help the Office of Finance are:

Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting

If you are still using Excel or another application you find to be missing critical functionality, we can help.  The annual budgeting process for many companies today lacks the value-added bottom-up design that helps departmental managers and business unit leaders run their business.  With the right tools, you can drive a more accurate forecast, shorten the labor and time necessary for multiple passes through the budget and perhaps of greatest value, tightly link your forecast with the budgeting process.  

Financial Reporting and Analytics

How quickly can you respond to requests for financial reporting or analysis?  With the right system, users can discover the answers on their own and share them in seconds.  The ability to have dynamic, self-service financial reporting and analytics is here.  Additionally, data can be incorporated from multiple systems to create a financial repository that securely stores critical financial data while still enabling users to drill to external systems for detail.

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