What is a Software Vendor Partner?

Partner companies provide software and functional advisory guidance, implementation assistance, training and the ability to procure software at a discount. Software vendors require a certification process to ensure the partners are trained and educated in how best to serve their collective customers.  The most often cited reason why customers choose to work with a partner is the consistent and personalized customer service and industry domain expertise.  The software vendors Draca elects to partner with are committed to working together to drive value for our customers.

Why not work with a vendor directly? - FAQ

Q: Do I limit my negotiations for the best price by working with a partner

A: Quite the opposite.  You have the full freedom of negotiating your software price directly with the vendor and Draca is then able to honor that pricing and provide additional pricing and/or services incentives. 


Q: Why would the vendor want a partner involved?


A:  Large vendors, such as IBM, recognize that expert partners, such as Draca, deliver consistent and personalized service which accelerates the value recognition of software investments.  While vendors have a fairly high churn in account managers, Draca is able to provide consistent resources and contacts so you don't have to reeducate vendors on your vision and purpose.


​Q: Isn't it safer to work with the vendor directly?


A:  Certified partners such as Draca, enable you to continue your direct support and access to the vendor with the additional personalized service of our expert team. 


Q: Aren't my support options reduced if I don't work with vendor directly?

A:  If you renew maintenance through Draca Solutions, you still receive the same direct technical support, access to knowledge base, and software downloads as renewing directly.

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